Winter skin care

Winter skin care is very important to combat the effects of this coming season. After all, the body’s largest organ suffers a lot from temperature changes. And the cold isn’t much more friendly than the heat, which makes winter skin care a challenge. Fortunately we can fix this, and we’ll give you a few different tips to take care of skin in winter, with food, clothes and even the protection that plants and their natural ingredients provide to us. Thanks to them, there doesn’t need to be anymore suffering for skin in winter.

One of the most famous remedies aloe vera. This plant has been used by humanity for thousands of years. Here, we’ll tell you how to take advantage of its benefits to take care of skin in winter and have fabulous skin from October to March. Would you like to put a stop to the effects of cold and dryness on our skin in winter? Well, keep reading! You’ll be surprised.

Tight and dry skin in the winter

When the temperature drops, your skin dries out. It’s common for skin to start to become tight and pale, especially on certain parts of the face. To put a stop to this, it’s better to get to work sooner rather than later. Early care for skin in winter is an effective way to put off the appearance of signs of ageing. Try following these three steps:

  • Keep your skin clean: the best favour you can do for your face is keep it free of impurities and daily grime. You can use micellar water, a substance known for its cleansing properties. That way, your face will be better able to absorb any aloe vera moisturiser.
  • Daily nutrition: there are two active ingredients that are fantastic at minimising the tight feeling of dry skin. One, hyaluronic acid, is a cutting-edge ingredient that is responsible for skin’s proper metabolic functioning. Aloe vera, on the other hand, is perfect thanks to its high collagen and elastin content.
  • Hydration is essential: unlike summer, dryness is an uncommon sensation. However, our skin in winter requires just as much, or even more water than in hot periods. Because of this, it’s vital to drink at least a litre per day. It’s not just the dermis, but also the kidneys and liver that will thank you for this.


How to take care of skin in winter naturally

The end of the summer period means you need to get to work on your winter skin care routine. During this time of year, your skin will be most exposed to the harshness of the environment. As a result, it’s helpful to include some routines designed to protect the dermis. Here are some of them.

Keep your face and body hydrated

Nothing is better than an aloe vera-based moisturiser at helping your face survive cold weather. Thanks to its huge water content and its work as a repairing agent, it will give damaged skin a renewed vitality. Nevertheless, just hydrating your face is not enough. Winter skin care also involves paying attention to the amount of water you’re drinking. This should be at least a litre per day. You can also include some helpful foods in your diet, including, for example:

  • Fruit and vegetables: especially oranges, in season and with a high water concentration. Avocado is also recommended for its healthy fats. Finally, but no less important, peppers contain more Vitamin C than any other vegetable.
  • Vitamin supplements: it’s common for cloudy days to last for weeks. Vitamin D is fantastic for countering the effects of a lack of sunlight. In addition, Vitamin E and collagen supplements are also suitable for increasing the skin’s elasticity.
  • Aloe vera juice: the fresh juice of this plant is rich in vitamins C and E, which is why drinking it regularly improves epidermal health. To benefit from this juice, it’s important for it to be at least 90% pure.

How to take care of your lips in winter

Protecting skin in winter is a life saver, especially in more sensitive areas. The lips and mouth suffer a lot from the constant use of masks, which is why taking care of them is more important than ever. To keep them hydrated, it’s vital to drink a lot of water and use lip protection. Its formula should contain natural ingredients such as shea butter or aloe vera.

How to take care of your hands in winter

The skin on your hands is very delicate. If you work with your hands, you’ll have noticed that they’ve become dry and sensitive. Take care of yourself! Your hands are your most powerful tools. Treat them as what they are: a vital part of you.

During a pandemic, it’s important to wash your hands frequently, but not with just any product. The best idea is to use plant-based hand gels. In addition, keep this area hydrated with a special moisturising cream for your palms and fingers.

Drink water and eat healthily

This rules applies throughout the year, but especially if you want to take care of skin in winter. Drink at least a litre of water per day and avoid alcohol and salty foods. They act as dehydrating agents within your body.

Other tips to care for skin in winter

If you want maximum care, face masks are an essential ally in cold periods. In the same way, after you come out of the shower, applying moisturising cream all over your body will work wonders at keeping your skin smooth.

Don’t forget to use sun protection often. The sun won’t be strong like in summer, but the UV rays are still there, and their radiation damages your skin. For colder days, cover your face and wear gloves. Your hands will thank you!

With a healthy lifestyle and the help of natural products, taking care of skin in winter is really easy. All you need is a touch of care for each part of the body: lip balm, hand cream and aloe vera body lotion after a shower. This trio will give you more beautiful skin to show off as soon as spring arrives.

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