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The Canary Islands aloe vera plantations are one of the islands’ fastest growing attractions. It’s an experience that mixes health, wellbeing, farming, sustainability and gastronomy. Many locals find this activity interesting, since they can learn first-hand about the reality of the aloe vera plantations that surround them. This puts them in more contact with the ecosystem they live in.

It’s also a very cost-effective activity for tourists who want to experience the reality of the islands. They can find out first-hand how this plant is grown and the process that is carried out to refine these stems and turn them into all kinds of products. You’ll be surprised to find out just how many products you use on a daily basis contain this ingredient.

Canary Islands aloe vera plantations

Aloe farms are very prevalent in the region, thanks to the favourable climate for these plants. These aloe vera plantations need a number of conditions for the species to develop all of its characteristics. The sunlight hours, humidity, type of land and the treatment that the plants receive from our professionals make them suitable for their different uses.

We have huge tracts of land where we grow different varieties of aloe vera, depending on the uses they are going to have. It’s in the countryside, on the land, that the magic happens that makes these stems grow and means they can be used in all kinds of products.

You’ve probably wondered many times where many of the products that you use come from. Aloe vera is heavily used in beauty and care products, as well as in medicine. It’s also useful in food thanks to its nutrients. Visiting our farms will be an opportunity to see first-hand how these plants grow.

Our professionals can explain in simple and scientific terms the key aspects that make this plant one of the most important ones in a number of sectors.

Why visit a farm?

It’s a great way to access a product with many nutritional and skincare benefits. You can experience what the islands are really like through their plants and ecosystems. In addition, visitors will learn everything about the production and market of this plant, raising awareness of our farming culture.

Find out about the nurseries and cultivation method

Below, we’ll show you the main benefits of visiting our farms. It’s a positive, fun and healthy experience that’s not to be missed.

See the product and how it’s manufactured first-hand

It’s important to know the origins of what we use and how things are produced. This allows us to opt for sustainable crops and processing methods. You’ll see first-hand the impact that responsible consumption has on aloe vera farms like ours. Every time consumers choose our products and varieties of aloe vera, this has an effect on the care of the land and the people. And we’re not talking just about positive effects on the ecosystem, but a long-term sustainable production method that generates wealth for the locals.

Let a professional explain the processes to you

As we said before, the key to our farms is that we engage with the visitor to explain what the aloe vera plantation is all about. The Fataga Canary Islands aloe farm is a unique place in the country with varieties of plants that aren’t found anywhere else. Our guides will explain to you the differences between these varieties and others that can be found on the continent. Thanks to this service, you’ll end your visit with detailed knowledge of these plants.

Buy local products in the shop

We have a shop where you can discover the main products that are made from this plant. The different creams that we use are made with extracts of these plants, but they often involve invasive manufacturing processes. In our establishment, you’ll be able to see for yourself how these products that come from our land are marketed and sold.

The perfect experience to enjoy as a family or with friends

As well as being a very enriching individual activity, it can also be ideal for groups. Visiting as a group is a fantastic way to spend the day. In the same way that many people visit vineyards, you can come and see how aloe vera is grown and how we process it to turn it into eco-friendly products with special properties.

Visit our farms in the Canary Islands

We have various farms spread across the islands of the archipelago that you can visit and where you can learn about native farming techniques. Our network of farms is well spread out so that both locals and tourists visiting the islands can come along. Visiting our fields is more than just an activity, it’s a whole experience than can be interesting for different types of consumers. If you’re interested in sustainable farming, agriculture, responsible consumption or plants with special properties, you won’t be disappointed.

Farms in Gran Canaria

Our farms producing Gran Canaria aloe vera products are one of the island’s main natural attractions. Different varieties of this plant are grown, which you will be able to see in person and enjoy. A member of staff will be there to give you the guided tour.

Farms in Tenerife

We also have our own spaces on the popular island of Tenerife. You don’t need to leave the island to see our Canary Island aloe vera farm in Tenerife. It’s a place where you can experience nature and sustainable agriculture and enjoy yourself while you’re at it.

Farms in Fuerteventura

Come to our plantations in Fuerteventura for a must-see experience on the island. You’ll have access to the areas of cultivation and related activities.

Farms in La Gomera

In La Gomera, you’ll also find a space exclusively dedicated to aloe vera and its properties.

Don’t wait to discover the Canary Island aloe vera farms and the experience we have in store for you.

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