10 healthy lifestyle habits you will love to do

Eating healthily, doing sport and looking after our skin are some of the keys for maintaining a healthy mind and body. We should look after ourselves and keep ourselves healthy in order to be able to face the challenges we’re presented with in the best way possible. Fincas Canarias4 presents you with “10 tips for a healthy lifestyle you will love to do”.

Drink water, the fountain of youth.

You’ve probably read that you should drink two to three litres of water a day. This isn’t quite the truth, it’s more about a mathematical calculation: a healthy adult should drink 35 ml (0.035L) of water a day per kilo weight. For example, if you weigh 60 kg you should drink 2.1L of water a day. 

Drinking water every day you’ll: 

. Delay ageing.

. Help lose weight.

. Prevent urine infections.

. It’s a source of energy.

Rich and healthy food.

Spain is a country where people eat well, diets such as “the Mediterranean diet” or “the Atlantic diet” are a clear example that we have very good national products. 

But today we’d like to go beyond this, we’d like you to enjoy all the benefits Aloe Vera produces in your body, by adding it to your daily food you’ll notice that a small daily dose:

. Cleans your body.

. Reduces constipation.

. Provides extra iron to your body.

. Keeps your gums healthy. 

If you’re interested in the benefits it can generate in your body, you can find out more information by reading this article. 

We also recommend that you:

. Reduce salt intake: By gradually reducing salt in your meals with the passing of time you’ll hardly notice the change in flavour. By reducing salt consumption you’ll manage to prevent cardiovascular diseases, blood pressure and liquid retention.

. Reduce sugar consumption: Obesity, cardiovascular diseases, diabetes and tooth decay are some of the many conditions associated with excessive sugar consumption.

Sport and joy.

Enjoy sport; don’t be afraid of it or lazy. Sport generates endorphins, which stimulate the nervous system and have effects at the physiological, emotional and cognitive level.

And what does all this mean? When you begin to do sport, you’ll feel the crazy desire to return every day and do more sport. In conclusion, you’ll feel happier.

Aloe Vera in your daily care routine.

Self-care is strongly related with self-esteem. By neglecting our physical appearance, the image we have of ourselves may be affected. 

Aloe Very has great properties which applied to your body fulfil healing, moisturising and disinfecting functions. You can find out more detail about these at our post “Benefits and properties of Aloe Vera” 

In particular we refer to these two star Aloe Vera products for your skin.

Face Cream With Aloe Vera Oily Skin 

Face Cream With Aloe Vera Dry and Sensitive Skin

Protect yourself from the sun.

The sun is a synonym for a healthy life, the body produces vitamin D when the skin is exposed directly to the body, but like everything, it’s bad in excess. Taking too much sun without protection may cause highly damaging effects such as blemishes, skin cancer and even speed up ageing by producing wrinkles.

That’s why at Finca Canarias, thanks to the best raw materials like Aloe Vera, we’ve created an organic, mineral sun cream which protects from sunlight and moisturises.

Sun Cream With Aloe Vera SPF 30 - 200ml 

Free yourself from addictions.

Don’t smoke or drink too much. Both habits are bad for your body and especially cigarettes, which doesn’t have any benefits for your body.

. Smoking entails addition, respiratory problems, blood circulation problems and deterioration in physical appearance.

. Drinking in excess, also addictive, can cause different kinds of cancer, digestive problems, mental issues, cardiac diseases, etc.

Spend quality time with your partner and friends.

We’re sociable beings by nature and being surrounded by people who provide positive experiences makes us happier. According to a study by the Medicina Duke-NUS in Singapore, elderly people who are happy live longer. So surround yourself with people you appreciate and share interests with, laugh and enjoy their company. 

Take care of your mind.

There are many ways of looking after your mind, and they are equally as important as looking after your body, as together it means your body functions in health and harmony.

. Practice meditation, vital in any stage of life, meditation helps you reduce levels of stress together with improving your emotional health. In addition it relieves anxiety and depression, and reduces blood pressure, among other benefits of a healthy lifestyle. 

. Exercise your mind: do calculations, sudokus, puzzles and other mental exercises. Keeping your brain functioning will help you avoid cognitive decline and the appearance of dementia.

Sleep 8 hours a day.

It’s one of the most pleasurable habits but we don’t always respect it. Sleeping is also a good lifestyle habit which has great benefits.

. It you helps recover energy to face a new day.

. It helps you wake up with less stress and in a better mood.

. It prevents diseases and prepares our defences.

. It helps us think with greater clarity.

Travel and discover.

We currently live in a situation where travelling isn’t always possible, many places have long entry quarantines, or complicated situations. But this shouldn’t turn our lifestyle into a sedentary one, we should keep our desire to see the world active so when the situation returns to normality, we can make the most of it. Travel only to places with low infection levels and many open spaces. In addition, your trip will be safer the more you comply with all the health measures. If you think you should wait for the situation to improve before you take your long-awaited trip, do so. 

Don’t only keep to these 10 healthy daily habits, add your own to it. Make your own list of essentials and look after yourself to the maximum.

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