Sports gels with aloe vera

The aloe vera contained in this hot and cold muscle gel is a natural ingredient that provides relief for musculoskeletal ailments. The plant has wide uses in phytocosmetics, sports medicine and physiotherapy, due to its beneficial properties.

What are sports gels?

An aloe vera muscle gel is an excellent resource, because it allows you to use the temperature for therapeutic purposes. This practice is useful for improving symptoms related to bone, muscle and joint disorders. It is known as cryotherapy, when cold is applied, and  heat therapy, when heat is used.

One of the most positive aspects is that these gels act almost immediately on trauma and inflammatory processes in sports injuries and rheumatic diseases. Moreover, these physical measures have no side effects, as can occur with analgesic or anti-inflammatory drugs.

Aloe vera is known for its regenerative power on many types of tissue. It also has a conductive effect, as it facilitates the transport of substances to the deeper layers of the skin. Its healing action makes this ingredient highly recommended for wounds and blisters.

The mechanism triggered by thermal changes is the activation of the heat and cold receptors in the dermis, which are part of the nervous system. This stimulus activates the permeabilisation processes of the cell membranes, which then allow the passage of ions to restore the balance in the tissues. As a result, pain and inflammation are relieved.

Aloe vera heat gel

It is indicated to counteract muscular contractions, as it has a relaxing effect. It also activates blood and lymphatic circulation, which improves tissue oxygenation, drains accumulated liquids and purifies toxins. Applied before starting physical exercise, it plays a preventive role against possible sports injuries.

Gel calor de aloe vera

Cold aloe vera gel

This has an anti-inflammatory and analgesic action. On application, it reduces the diameter of the capillaries and thus improves blood circulation. This slows down the metabolism in the tissues and stops the secretion of inflammation-mediating substances. In addition, the closing of the vessels prevents the accumulation of fluids that causes oedema, which often accompanies inflammatory processes. In athletes, cold accelerates recovery after intense physical activity.

In many cases, it is best to apply heat and cold alternately. These are the injuries that can be improved with this therapy:

  • Sprains.
  • Muscle spasms.
  • Joint stiffness.
  • Trauma accompanied by inflammation.
  • Painful sunburn.

Types of sports gels

You already know about the effects of hot and cold aloe vera muscle gel, which is one of the most popular products among athletes and is therefore frequently used. When selling aloe vera gel, always choose a reputable company. Its composition is very important, because in addition to aloe vera, it contains other highly beneficial ingredients.

Cold gel

Finca Canarias aloe vera cold gel is mainly used for the treatment of joint and muscle pain. It contains a specific formula, consisting of 30% pure aloe vera juice, devil's claw, arnica, menthol and camphor.

Cold aloe vera gel has a fast and effective anti-inflammatory effect. It reduces inflammation and discomfort in a lasting way, as it immediately penetrates the dermis, reaching the source of the pain. Its benefits include control of internal bleeding, stimulation of endorphin production and circulation. It is a product that is quickly absorbed. It leaves the skin soft and perfumed, with a refreshing sensation.

It is best to apply aloe vera cold relaxation gel once or twice a day, cold, spreading a generous portion over the area to be treated, with a gentle massage to accelerate absorption. In the case of very acute symptoms, we recommend applying a thick layer and leaving it on for 20 minutes. Avoid contact with sensitive areas, such as the eyes or mucous membranes.

Heat Gel

In this section, we highlight the heat gel with aloe vera, devil's claw and arnica. Arnica is a plant known for turning the skin red, and is very effective in acute processes. Devil's claw, meanwhile, has an effect on inflammations of different origins, such as arthritic, osteoarthritic, rheumatic and post-traumatic. This product contributes to the health and beauty of the skin thanks to aloe vera, which has a nourishing and softening effect.

This gel can be used after intense and sustained exertion or for massages, as the ingredients are better combined. They exert a synergistic action, providing an immediate sensation of well-being. It is advisable to avoid contact with eyes or wounds, and to wash your hands after application.

Gel frío de aloe vera

How aloe vera helps athletes

Aloe vera, or the plant of a thousand uses, is an important resource in the treatment of sports injuries. Its main effects include the following:

Reduces joint symptoms. Some of the most common injuries in athletes are located in the joints, such as sprains and ligament strains. This plant helps to soothe the pain.

Relieves contractures. Muscle spasms are common after heavy exertion. A heat gel counteracts the contraction and relaxes the affected muscles.

Controls oxidative stress. Prolonged sustained physical activity intensely activates the metabolism. The products generated include free radicals, whose accumulation damages cells. Aloe vera contains vitamins A, C, E and B vitamins, which have an antioxidant effect.

Aloe vera cold heat muscle gel is useful for professional athletes and sportsmen, elderly people with joint pain and those who have suffered acute trauma. At Finca Canarias we grow 100% organic aloe vera. Our natural cosmetic products are produced using cold-pressing processes that preserve the healing properties.

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