New year’s resolution: start your beauty routine

A daily beauty routine is necessary to be able to achieve the image you want, while improving your outer and inner health. And, when a new year starts, what’s better than starting a new self-care routine? Let go of external worries and start to focus on your health like you really deserve. 

1. Remember to take off your makeup every time you go to sleep

Makeup can act as a barrier for the skin. It is important to take it off before you go to sleep. Apply a cleansing milk-based makeup remover with aloe vera as one of your new year’s resolutions. 

Remember that makeup can prevent your skin from breathing properly. In fact, when you remove your makeup, you can prevent early skin ageing and the appearance or accentuation of wrinkles as well as blemishes and expression lines.

Once you are clear on what your next night-time routine is going to be, you will even start to notice that your skin becomes more luminous, hydrated, fresher and brighter. 

2. Leave the bad habits behind, don’t touch your pimples 

How many times have you had that horrible temptation? Even if you feel that it’s better to pop them and get rid of them as soon as possible, give it a bit of time! This issue can be complicated to tackle. First of all, consider that a pimple with a white head can be removed as long as it’s done with aloe vera products that cleanse and disinfect. But, if you have a pimple that has not completely developed yet and it only has a swollen red bump, it’s possible that if you touch it, you will make the situation worse. 

In the latter case, it’s important not to touch it to avoid further infection and so that it doesn’t leave a mark. In addition, remember that pimples can spread to other areas if you touch them with dirty hands. 

3. Find time to exercise 

Who doesn’t love to move? Becoming sedentary has never been an option. It’s not healthy by a long shot. Among good new year’s resolutions, you should consider that exercising not only keeps your muscles in shape or defines your figure, but also helps to take care of your heart and respiratory system.

Regarding the health of your skin, you must consider that by increasing blood flow, you can better oxygenate all of the depths of your skin tissue, including the most superficial ones. 

Exercise also helps reduce toxins that are found in your body which can potentially be harmful for the maintenance of your skin, liver, kidneys and other organs. 

Exercise also helps reduce toxins that are found in your body which can potentially be harmful for the maintenance of your skin, liver, kidneys and other organs. 

4. Watch your diet 

Do you eat a balanced diet? Even if you think it’s not important, it is key to ensuring that your health is always in prime condition. Consider that the nutrients that fresh foods provide you with, especially fruits and vegetables, can be important for the health of your skin and your mood. A Finca Canarias 1 L pure Aloe Vera Gel product may also be ideal.

A very important point to consider is that you need to consume fats. Yes, you heard right. Healthy fats are necessary to keep the lipid membranes in your cells in optimal condition and to keep them turgid. In turn, this can lead to the maintenance of moisture in your skin. Consuming fresh avocados, nuts and olive oil can help you without a doubt, as long as they are in reasonable quantities. 

On the other hand, consuming foods with water-soluble vitamins is necessary. Vitamin C, for example, is key because it works as a powerful antioxidant that eliminates free radicals from your skin. 

5. Apply sunscreen every day, even if it’s not summer 

Sunscreen isn’t only for summer! Even if it’s a cloudy or totally cold day, it is possible that the sun’s UV rays can damage your body. It is important to apply a good sunscreen when you are going to be exposed to the sun. This way, you can protect your skin from photo-ageing and the appearance of blemishes. 

A good SPF 30 aloe-vera based sunscreen can be the solution for winter, as this plant can reduce the free radicals produced by the same solar action on the skin, while providing protection as a barrier. 

6. Take care of your skin and establish a daily routine 

As we have said, it is key to start a new year with a natural facial beauty routine and comprehensive skin care. Using aloe-vera based products can be a fantastic solution. This plant can help you because it has many very interesting properties. It has an excellent moisturisation capacity. Additionally, it is a plant that can assist in healing wounds or reduce infections produced by acne itself. 

7. Exfoliate your skin once a week 

Exfoliating is synonymous with cleaning and removing impurities from the face. It is clear that with a good aloe vera based product like the Aloe Vera and Apricot kernel Peeling facial, you can achieve very good results. 

The exfoliation process allows regeneration of your skin cells and reduces the accumulation of dead cells. It also helps to cleanse black heads and even facilitates the absorption of moisturising lotions like aloe vera facial cream. 

You can achieve a complexion that is soft and fine to the touch, as well as a fully moisturised and youthful looking face, as long as you exfoliate properly at least once a week. 

8. Take care of your hair 

How long has it been since you applied a hair mask treatment to repair your hair? Are you taking a supplement to achieve thicker, lusher and shinier hair? Then, in your new year’s beauty routine, it is time you pamper your hair. Getting the hair you want is possible if you choose the appropriate products to moisturise, repair and maintain your hair. 

Now that you know what your next resolutions for your daily beauty routine will be, do you have the courage to take the first step and put them into practice? We recommend you start with physical activity, facial care and diet. Start to re-route your life and personal care. 

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