Double facial cleansing routine

As you well know, a suitable facial cleansing routine is essential to keeping your skin health and free from impurities. Continue reading to find out all the secrets of one of the most popular cleansers nowadays.

What is double facial cleansing ?

As its name shows, two step face cleansing consists of doing this process twice. In this way, you’ll eliminate all residues from your face and show off a healthy and radiant complexion.

This is a widespread habit in Korea, Japan and other parts of Asia. Remember that the inhabitants of these countries are famed for sporting smooth, radiant skin.

This routine is based on removing the residues of make up, sun cream, etc. In order to achieve this, we’ll use a water base. In addition, we’ll cover the skin with a protective layer. To finish, we’ll use a tonic to ensure the proper protection of our skin and prepare it for the next stage of make up.

It’s essential to dedicate the necessary time to our skin. That’s why at Finca Canarias we offer you a cleansing and moisturizing milk and a tonic, both with an aloe vera base.

The cleansing and moisturising milk will protect you against aggressive agents such as make up or sunlight, for example. In addition, it eliminates impurities from the face and allows your skin to breathe. It’s an ideal product for all skin types, which gently cleanses and hydrates.

Meanwhile, the Fresh and Light tonic has a non-greasy formula which causes a pleasant sensation of soothing coolness. Seal your pores and tone the skin. Its formula allows immediate absorption.

The main ingredients of these products are cold pressed aloe vera juice, various oils (extra virgin olive, wheat germ, argan, apricot kernel and sweet almond), lavender, shea butter and rosemary extract, all organically sourced.

When to do double facial cleansing?

This double cleansing face method can be carried out at any time of day, although the ideal is to wait for the night, when we want to remove our makeup and any products we use on our face. Moreover, it’s highly recommended if we live in a city, since it’s necessary to remove polluting particles from our skin.

In conclusion, it’s a routine which guarantees you a healthier and younger skin. For this reason, it’s increasingly present in a large number of countries.

Step by step of a double facial cleansing routine

In the following sections, discover the best way to double cleanse your facefor optimal results.

Phase 1

In this phase we remove all products from our face (makeup, suncream, excess grease, etc.). This is why we use an oily base such as that contained in the milk cleanser and moisturiser. Thanks to its natural compounds, we’ll clean our face and neckline in a non-aggressive way.

In this regard, it’s very important that you use oil-based products, since they penetrate your pores and remove built-up dirt. In addition, the upper layers of the skin (the area where the dead cells are found) soften. The result is a smooth and rejuvenating effect.

Despite some people with greasy skin avoiding oil-based products, a type of vegetable fat such as aloe vera is certainly the right choice for your care.

The instructions in this phase are easy. Apply the product to a piece of cotton wool and massage the face, neck and neckline with a circular motion. Pay especial attention to the eye area, since it’s very important that the product doesn’t touch the eyeball directly. For removing makeup from the eyelashes, remember to close your eyes.

Phase 2

Now the time to use a water-based product has arrived. In this way, you’ll ensure you remove any impurities you’ve accumulated throughout the day and remove the dead cells you’ve previously prepared to be eliminated.

Moreover, you guarantee the regulation of excess grease on your skin. If you correctly choose the product you do this second process with, you’ll also attain an astringent effect. For this you should choose one with a suitable pH.

Like in the previous stage, the process is quite simple. Apply the product to your face with abundant warm water in order to later remove it with cold water.

Phase 3

Despite the fact that the expression double facial cleansing routine leads us to understand that it’s a two phase process, it’s true that experts recommend a third phase where tonic is used.

This is no longer about removing impurities from your skin. In fact, you need to let the product act without removing it. Its function is to tone the skin, help close the pores and leave them ready for the next application of makeup or any similar product you’re going to use

Benefits of a double facial cleansing routine

We recommend that you do this routine at least once a day. In this way, you’ll completely cleanse the products which you’ve applied to your face.

Moreover, you’ll regenerate the dead cells which are loosened from your face, neck and neckline. You’ll also help to unblock pores and deeply cleanse your skin.

Lastly, prepare your cutis for future processes. In this way, the creams you use afterwards will be more effective. Even if you don’t use makeup, experts recommend double facial cleansing so your face is smoother and more supple.

There are many treatises which show that it’s a very beneficial process. As we’ve already said, this is something they’ve been doing for a long time in Korea and other places in Asia. Skins there are famous for their clarity and smoothness.

At Finca Canaria you can buy cleansing and moisturising milk and a tonic, ideal for doing this facial wash double cleansing routine.

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