Aloe vera to remove bags and dark circles

Are you still looking for remedies to get rid of dark circles and bags under your eyes? This is a normal occurrence that the majority of adults will experience at some point in their lives. If you already have them and you want to hide their presence and recover the elasticity lost around your eyes, then aloe vera can help remove dark circles and bags.

What are bags and dark circles?

To be able to effectively get rid of bags and dark circles, it is crucial to understand what they are exactly. It is true that they often tend to appear in conjunction (requiring just one single treatment to combat them), but this is not always the case.

Some people only exhibit the swelling typical of under-eye bags, while others just want to reduce the discolouration of their dark circles. This is why we’re going to explain to you what bags and dark circles are and what causes them.

What characterises each of these phenomena?

Let’s start with bags, an aesthetic problem that affects both men and women equally. They are nothing more than an accumulation of liquid or fat in the lower eyelid, giving you an aged, tired and even sad look.

Dark circles, in turn, are a hyperpigmentation of the skin surrounding the eye, which may occur in both the upper and lower eyelid. This darkening may take on different tones depending on what causes it, ranging from shades of purple to brown or blue. But dark circles don’t just darken your gaze; some people also present a slight sinking of the contours of the eyes.

Beneficios del aloe vera contra las bolsas y las ojeras

Why do each of these occur?

In the case of bags, specifically, these mainly arise as we age over time. When we age, our tissue becomes weaker and the bags of fat below the eyes become more pronounced, as does the retention of liquid. There are also other factors that promote them: genetics, a poor diet, a lack of sleep, maintaining undesirable lifestyle habits such as alcohol or tobacco...

Dark circles become visible when the blood vessels below the eyes contract and the skin in this area becomes more transparent. Although not sleeping enough and genetics can both determine their presence, ageing tends to be the most common cause of their appearance. A lack of iron, vitamin C or zinc, as well as spending too many hours in front of phone or computer screens, can also increase their presence.

Benefits of aloe vera in combating bags and dark circles

What is effective in getting rid of dark circles and bags?  Although both of these are hard to keep at bay, there are natural remedies that are able to successfully conceal their presence.

One of these is aloe vera, thanks to its high capacity to hydrate and soothe skin. This ingredient is able to penetrate the skin much more effectively than other compounds. At the same time, it is also able to fill in fine wrinkles and smooth out delicate areas prone to drying out, such as the contours of the eyes.

It is also worth noting that aloe vera is anti-inflammatory and helps to drain liquid, as a result of which you will observe that the swelling in the area around your eyes goes down. Similarly, thanks to the reactivation of the blood circulation, dark circles caused by the collapse of the blood vessels are also diffused.

Home remedies with aloe vera

The effectiveness of aloe against dark circles and bags has been proven in a multitude of studies. Having said that, one very important detail must be kept in mind: pure aloe vera should never come into direct contact with your skin if you don’t want to irritate it. This means that it’s highly unadvisable to extract aloe from the plant and apply it directly to your eye. This will result in the opposite of what is desired, producing redness and inflammation in this already very sensitive part of the face. Aloe should always be diluted by other compounds so that it doesn’t have the opposite effect.

We recommend that you use an aloe vera gel for the preparation of various face masks for the area under your eyes.

These masks should be prepared with specific ingredients that we will explain in detail below, which successfully enhance the effect of the aloe vera. These are some of the most efficient remedies for reducing dark circles and bags.

Aloe vera and cucumber

Do you remember how, years ago, your mother or grandmother used to place cucumber slices on their eyes? In addition to providing a sensation of freshness to the area, cucumber also helps to relieve inflammation. Combined with aloe vera, therefore, this mask is ideal for reducing swelling, stimulating blood flow and regenerating the skin in areas as sensitive as the contours of the eyes. Apply this blend for twenty minutes a day twice a week, and you’ll see a significant change in your appearance.

Aloe vera and chamomile

We see a very similar effect with infused chamomile, since it also helps to reduce the inflammation of the eyes. A mask containing aloe vera and chamomile is a sure-fire way to successfully combat bags and dark circles. If you apply it on a regular basis, you’ll observe that these aesthetic problems become almost imperceptible in just 15 minutes.

Remedios caseros con aloe vera

Aloe vera and coconut oil

Although this blend isn’t as well known as the previous ones, it’s one of the most effective that you’ll come across. Together, aloe vera and coconut oil form a kind of natural collagen that fills in your dark circles and reduces bags. They act as an antioxidant that not only relieves congestion in the area, but also eliminates all the dead cells that may have accumulated there.

In addition to treating the under-eye area with masks, it is also necessary to keep it well-hydrated every day, which is why we recommend using an aloe vera eye contour treatment. As you can see, you have a range of remedies at your fingertips for getting rid of dark circles and bags, and at Finca Canarias we have products that can help you. So why wait? Try them out now and restore your youthful appearance!

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