Aloe vera, the natural healing agent

Using aloe vera for wounds is one of the oldest uses human beings have given to this very widespread medicinal plant. In fact, it’s true that this plant not only helps to heal wounds and prevent marks appearing, but also has a soothing effect, alleviating sunburn or reducing the swelling of the skin.

In any event, so you’ve got enough information in this regard, we’re going to dedicate this article to giving you all the relevant information around the extraordinary usefulness of aloe vera.

How can aloe vera help scarring?

It’s scientifically proven that aloe vera has a specific formulation which is very beneficial for human skin. It has vitamins A, C, D, B1 and B2 among others, so many experiments have ended up showing how extracts of this plant deeply penetrates damages skin to help it recover in the best way.

Aloe vera for wounds

Deciding to cure wounds with aloe vera is never a bad option. As previously mentioned, it’s a plant which has been scientifically demonstrated as being medicinal and as such it’s able to aid the complete and total regeneration of damaged skin.

Using aloe vera to cure wounds means squeezing the most out of the plant hormones present in this plant, which have sufficient ability to substantially speed up the whole healing process which any wound entails until it completely disappears.

In the same way, using aloe vera for scars is synonymous with making the most of vitamins A and C as well as the different enzymes the plant has and which, of course, contribute to the elasticity, uniformity and complete recovery of the epidermis.

In addition, all these effects are achieved without the need to use chemicals or artificial ingredients of any kind which may immediately or in the long-term cause irritations or reactions.

Aloe vera for burns

In summer we can experience one of the most striking features of aloe vera. When you get sunburn which reddens your skin and makes the epidermis sting, applying gels or creams whose main ingredient is aloe vera leads to an instant sensation of freshness and calm.

Because aloe vera for sunburn acts as a moisturising substance, in such a way that it greatly enables the epidermis to eventually recover its natural health state.

The main symptom of sunburn is an uncomfortable irritation of the skin’s surface, as well as a lack of moisture, and because burns which aren’t treated in time end up causing skin dryness, using aloe vera on them guarantees immediate relief and suitable healing in the long term.

In addition, it shouldn’t be forgotten that being under the sun for a long time, over days, ends up making expression lines become true wrinkles. Aloe vera fights against this ageing process and prolongs the good health of young skin.

Aloe vera as an anti-inflammatory

Another of the most important properties of aloe vera about skin is its capacity to cause anti-inflammatory effects where required. In fact, this plant has active ingredients like that of steroids, and its capacity to reduce inflammation is like hydrocortisone, which is the mildest corticosteroid for the skin.

From this point of view, aloe vera may be considered a great remedy for numerous conditions, such as generic irritation, insect bites and all kinds of skin allergies.

Aloe vera as balsamic effect

The set of healing and expectorant properties are called the balsamic effect. These two kinds of properties are precisely those which characterise aloe vera in all forms and extracts. This reality pushes us to be able to state that aloe vera is a true balm.

From this point of view, beyond the specific cases we’ve been presenting up to now, we can state that aloe vera generally relieves all kinds of skin conditions. Itchiness, stinging, wounds, bites, allergic reactions... all of them can be treated to a greater or lesser extent with the help of aloe.

Now, this is only possible if products which have been extracted from properly cultivated and harvested aloe vera plants (which have also been properly treated and manufactured) are available. This is the case, by the way, for Finca Canarias.

Healing time with aloe vera

According to several medical studies, a minor injury heals in a minimum of a week and 14 days on average. However, it’s not until day 21 that it can be said that the wound has been fully healed.

From this point of view, in its healing work, aloe vera helps this timeframe to be shortened by several days. In this way, if you have a quality product available which respects the natural processes of aloe vera in its manufacture (like those offered by Fincas Canarias) and it’s applied properly, in around 10 days the wound will be completely healed, which avoids leaving a mark.

This clearly demonstrates that it’s a scientifically proven medicinal plant, whose benefits are real and have been experienced on many occasions by thousands of people.

In conclusion, you’ve been able to see the great usefulness of aloe vera to heal wounds. With just a few correct applications of products whose main ingredient is natural aloe vera, you’ll obtain many benefits for you and your skin. For this reason, at Finca Canarias we make available to you many products of great quality so you can make the most of each of the properties of this plant.

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