Aloe Vera: natural remedy for stretch marks

Did you know how effective aloe vera can be for stretch marks? There are lots of properties attributed to this comprehensive medicinal plant: from rejuvenating effects on the skin to reducing varicose veins, soothing superficial burns or deeply hydrating the skin. However, today we will focus on aloe vera for stretch marks, its effectiveness and how it can help you reduce them. Thanks to its excellent regenerating and repairing properties, aloe vera gel is perfect for reducing the visibility of these micro-tears on the skin.

How do stretch marks develop?

The origin of stretch marks is well studied, but it is extremely complex, as many factors can come into play at the same time. In general, when your skin is suddenly stretched, the elastic collagen fibres break down and give rise to stretch marks. This strain can occur for a wide range of reason: sudden gain or changes in weight, poor diet, stress, pregnancy, breastfeeding, rapid development of muscle mass during puberty, etc. Although women are much more likely to develop stretch marks, men can develop them too.

When stretch marks are relatively recent they are usually reddish or purplish. On the other hand, over time the stretch marks lighten to a white colour. As you may have noticed, even if you sunbathe, they will never turn brown or change their whitish colour. In both cases, we are referring to more or less thin and irregular lines that usually appear in areas of the body such as:








A very high percentage of people have stretch marks. Although fortunately there is no longer as much of a stigma attached to them as just a few years ago. If you want to reduce their appearance, aloe vera is the perfect ally. However, if you are one of those lucky ones who do not yet have a stretch mark on your body, take a look at these recommendations to prevent them from developing.

Propiedades del aloe vera para las estrías

Prevention of stretch marks

To prevent stretch marks, the first thing you should try to do is to maintain a more or less stable weight. The so-called miracle diets, those that are too extreme or promise quick results will lead to a rebound effect that is in no way beneficial. However, this is not the only thing you can do, as there are situations that you have no control over. For example, weight gain during pregnancy.

If your incipient stretch marks are red, do not touch or scratch them roughly. This will only further damage your already irritated skin.

Other preventive methods that you can take into consideration are daily physical activity and proper hydration. Not only by drinking enough water (at least one and a half litres daily), but also by applying products such as aloe vera on your skin. How many times have you heard that aloe vera is good for stretch marks? Moisturising the skin is essential to prevent it from cracking and the dreaded stretch marks you are trying to avoid from developing.

Properties of aloe vera for stretch marks

Removing stretch marks with aloe vera is doable, but remember that it is not a miracle worker. Depending on your skin type and the depth of the stretch marks, the results you obtain may be more or less noticeable.

Aloe vera is one of the most complete plants for skin care due to its wide range of regenerating and moisturising properties.

In the specific case of whitish stretch marks, those that can no longer be completely removed, aloe vera will help minimise their appearance. They are much more difficult to remove than the purplish or red ones, but it is not entirely impossible to hide the larger ones. To do this, the aloe vera must be as pure as possible. This is the only way to achieve effective results; your white stretch marks will fade and will not be so noticeable at first glance. So, you have two options:

1. Directly use the gel inside the plant’s leaves. Although there are home remedies that mix the pulp with other foods such as avocado or lemon, they are not usually as effective. Furthermore, applying aloe era directly to the body can cause skin reactions in the most sensitive skins.

2. Get a specific gel with a high aloe vera content. If you opt for this recommendation, get some advice from professionals beforehand who can tell you which product is the most suitable for your specific case.

Repairs cells

Aloe vera promotes the natural production of collagen and, in turn, prevents stretch marks (thanks to the natural compounds it contains). Thanks to its antioxidants, it also has the ability, to repair the cells that make up the skin. In this way, your skin will look much healthier and younger. Aloe vera creates a kind of protective barrier against free radicals. It makes the skin tissues much more elastic and firm for longer.

Funciona el aloe vera para las estrías

Hydrates the skin

Aloe vera has a high level of water, vitamins C and E and minerals that deeply hydrate the skin. It reaches the deepest layers and repairs the most complex tissues, which is why aloe vera is recommended for cellulite and stretch marks.

As stated above, vitamins C and E are two of the most effective nutrients when it comes to reducing blemishes, scars and skin marks caused by acne, the sun or stretch marks.

Although these marks stopped being seen as a real aesthetic problem in recent years, if you are looking to reduce them, nothing can beat aloe vera for stretch marks. The red ones will disappear almost completely and the white ones will be hidden in record time. So, you need to be constant, patient and realistic when it comes to the results.

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