Aloe vera for weight loss

Have you considered getting your bikini body ready before the summer? Aloe vera could be your great ally, as it can help speed up the process. Known as the “green gold”, it has been the subject of multiple scientific studies that demonstrate its great benefits for the body. In this article, we focus on one of its effects to explain how to lose weight with aloe vera.

Can you lose weight with aloe vera?

Of course, it can be done. However, it is essential to do so in a planned way and not abuse the plant. The most advisable thing is to include it in your diet (later we will discuss how to do that). To learn more about aloe vera, let's explain its three main parts:

Skin: this is the hard layer that covers the plant and protects it from external factors.

Gel: this is a transparent liquid with shades of yellow or green.

Latex: this is the sap of the plant and forms its intermediate layer.

Each of the three parts has different effects on the body. On this occasion, we will focus on the gel, which is the most used and which presents the properties for weight loss. You'll be surprised how it can help you achieve your goal.

Benefits of aloe vera for weight loss

Aloe's ability to help you lose weight has been demonstrated by many studies. Thanks to this, we can say that it is a very powerful ally for getting your bikini body ready, as well as to lead a healthy lifestyle.

But how does aloe help you to lose weight? We will discuss that in the next section.

How does it help with weight loss?

First, you should know that aloe accelerates the metabolism, which makes your body able to burn fat faster. Thus, you can achieve the longed-for goal: to eliminate fat all over your body, especially in the areas where you tend to accumulate it. Likewise, it prevents lean body mass from accumulating in the abdominal area.

Additionally, aloe helps you control your blood sugar levels (remember that sugar is your great enemy when it comes to maintaining an adequate weight). It also collaborates in the production of insulin, the hormone responsible for feeling satiety, which will help you resist the temptation to eat between meals.

How do you incorporate aloe vera into your diet?

The most common way to use aloe vera to lose weight is to make juices with the gel of this plant. For example, you can mix a lemon with aloe vera gel and take it on an empty stomach. To do this, you will only need a glass of water, a squeezed lemon, and a spoonful of aloe. Repeat this process for just over a week (let's say 10 - 12 days).

Additionally, you can use it to enhance the effects of a detox smoothie. Mix half a cucumber, three tablespoons of aloe vera, two slices of pineapple, and a glass of water. We propose a change to lose weight faster: reserve this juice for lunch instead of wine, a soft drink, or whatever you usually drink.

Effectiveness of aloe vera

Recently, a study was conducted in which more than 100 people were asked to take aloe vera for two months. The conclusions are very clear: the participants not only reduced their weight but also burned quite a lot of body fat; thus, the change was quite positive.

Other studies by leading medical teams yielded surprising data:

Aloe accelerates the process of fat and sugar metabolization.

It is a powerful purifier thanks to aloin, one of its compounds.

It causes a significant reduction of adipose tissue in areas prone 

Tips for best results

You are now familiar with the benefits of this plant to lose weight, but how can you lose weight faster? In this section, we are going to give you some tips to speed up the process even more.

First, check labels carefully. Many products contain only a little aloe vera; thus, they will not be as effective. Choose products that specify a good percentage of this plant. The purer, the better.

Likewise, any smoothie or juice that you make with aloe will have a greater effect if you take it on an empty stomach. Before breakfast, the stomach has been a lot of hours without receiving any food, so it will enter "economizer mode" and make the most of the first thing you give it.

Additionally, you can maximize the qualities of aloe vera if you combine it with another very powerful plant: ginger. We recommend you make an infusion with both and drink it during the day to optimize results.

Sparing aloe consumption

As we have seen throughout this article, aloe is a plant with great benefits. Nevertheless, do not obsess, as everything in excess is bad. We propose that you include it progressively into your diet while cutting out unhealthy drinks such as soft drinks and juices with sugar.

Likewise, you should keep in mind that it is a natural laxative. Therefore, it is essential that you drink more water during the day to avoid dehydration. About two litters (approximately eight glasses) would be a pretty good amount. Don't forget that water is also key for weight loss.

Of course, aloe is very healthy, but it is better to consume it intermittently at first. You can start by drinking it for ten days, but then take a break for two or three. If you are taking it with ginger, keep in mind that it cannot be taken every day, as this can cause stomach discomfort.

In short, losing weight with aloe vera can be your big challenge for the summer. Not only is it a plant backed up by many studies, but it is also the perfect complement to a healthy diet. There are fewer and fewer excuses to lose weight: it's time for you to get going and put your trust in green gold. Off you go!

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