5 reasons to use natural cosmetics

Why use natural cosmetics? Natural organic cosmetics use raw materials 100% from natural ingredients or natural origins, therefore they don’t have any products of chemical origin or petroleum derivatives in their formulation. We already found out about the big differences between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetic products in a previous article, if you still haven’t read it we give you the link here “What’s the difference between natural cosmetics and organic cosmetics?”. From Finca Canarias, we want to tell you about 5 reasons to use natural cosmetics.

These cosmetics are a great alternative to traditional products since, as we’ll see in greater detail later, they present a lower percent of negative skin reactions. 

1. Look healthy skin thanks to natural cosmetics

The skin is the largest organ in the body and we commonly use conventional (artificial) cosmetics to protect it. These products promise to get rid of wrinkles, blemishes and ensure healthy skin, but it’s true that in the long term, the effects are neither long-lasting nor constant. 

In conventional cosmetics the main ingredient is “petrolatum” and we can also find silicones such as “dimethicone”. Although at first they achieve great results on the skin, these ingredients result in a superficial improvement. 

In our products, we strive to reduce to a minimum the ingredients which may be aggressive to the most sensitive skins. In addition, those ingredients in general don’t produce dryness, eczema, irritations or hormonal problems.

2. Beware of allergic reactions

If you’ve noticed your skin redden after applying a cosmetic product, check the product’s components and avoid ingredients such as katon, sulphates and parabens which are very often included in conventional cosmetics.

Our best recommendation is that you know yourself and that you know what you consume and apply to your skin. 

3. The active ingredients of natural cosmetics

During the manufacture of many conventional cosmetic products, ingredients are added the aim of which is to reduce product costs. Unlike what happens at Finca Canarias Aloe Vera, with the use of natural cosmetics and where most of its ingredients are naturally occurring. 

Natural ingredients exert active principles, which means all those ingredients are playing a beneficial role in your body. This helps us obtain an effective and much quicker results.

4. We care for nature

Our products are not only natural, they’re also organic. It should be emphasised that the production process is careful with the environment. From the container, to the collection and manufacturing processes.

At Fincas Canarias we believe in the cause and in being completely transparent with our customers. That’s why we show our farms and factories to any customers interested in visiting us.

We’re also committed to using recyclable and reusable packaging, with the aim of making our small contribution to creating a more sustainable industry and educating all present and future generations.

5. Not tested on animals

Another of the causes we’re involved in is not testing products on animals. The products we sell at Fincas Canarias are completely natural and suitable for vegans; they’re not tested on animals and don’t have animal origins.

These are the five reasons we give you to start using little secrets natural cosmetics. 

If you still have any questions, come to one of our stores or contact the Finca Canarias team and we’ll advise you on anything you need. 

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