Stop hair loss by using aloe vera

Stop hair loss by using aloe vera

The benefits of using aloe vera to treat different ailments have been known for a long time, being the most popular those that have to do with the skin: burns, irritations, spots ... Its nutritional and regenerative qualities have made aloe vera an indispensable natural remedy in every home.

Apart from dermatological issues, aloe is also effective in curbing hair loss, an issue that concerns both men and women. It is a remedy that contributes to good hair health and helps it stay strong for longer.

Properties of aloe vera for the scalp

Aloe Vera contains multiple vitamins, minerals, collagen and fatty acids that are essential for cell renewal of the scalp. All of which make hair grow healthy, shiny and silky, as they provide vitality and nutrition.

Its antibacterial and regenerative properties act against dandruff and reduce the accumulation of fat that clogs the hair pores and slows hair growth.

The pulp and juice of this plant contain an enzyme that improves blood circulation of the scalp and balances the pH level. When the scalp is clean and blood circulation optimal, hair grows faster.

Amino acids influence keratin production, the substance from which hair is made.

How to apply?

Aloe Vera is one of the main ingredients in many shampoos. Its frequent use prevents and stops excessive hair fall. It is especially used during autumn and winter, since in these periods we suffer from most hair fall.

In addition, the aloe vera conditioner can be used for more hydration. Its formula is very soft and respectful with the natural pH of our skin. It also protects it against external agents.

You can also directly apply aloe vera gel or juice, as if it were a mask, by performing a gentle massage, and leaving it on for a few minutes.

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