Pregnancy, stretch marks and Aloe Vera

Pregnancy, stretch marks and Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a great natural remedy to deeply hydrate the skin, improve its elasticity and to prevent that transformations proceed, either because of pregnancy or a rapid change in weight. The appearance of stretch marks is the biggest problem with a change of volume in a short time, something that can be avoided if the skin is treated correctly before, during and after the treatment.

Growth of the belly and increase in weight in the case of pregnancy occurs in a very short period of time, where the skin must be forced to further stretch its natural capacity, and if this overburdening is not prevented, it can leave permanent traces. During pregnancy, the skin of a pregnant woman can increase up to 10 times in the usual size, which means, every inch of the skin should stretch to 10 in just a few months, which can lead to cracks.

Stretch marks appear when, as a result of this stretching, the natural elastic fibers of the skin break. They become visible in the form of winding traces of a white or reddish color in the affected area. Due to prevent the breakage of these fibers, is prevention and hydration essential, as a result of which the skin does not lose its elasticity and this overburdening can be faced as a result of the growth of the belly through the pregnancy.

More elasticity with Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is a natural treatment to prevent stretch marks, because pure juice from the leaves prevents dehydration of the skin, one of the factors that cause its appearance. Above all, the regular use of Aloe Vera improves the condition and health of the skin due to preparing it for an increase or decrease in volume, because it activates the formation of collagen and makes the dermis elastic.

Thanks to Aloe Vera juice is it possible to keep the skin of the belly more elastic, hydrated and healthy, with a nutrition that penetrates up to three layers, the fibroblasts activates and the firmness and regeneration of the skin stimulates. Its external application is recommended three times a day with circular massages in the area, so that the Aloe Vera can penetrate well and it is absorbed in a few minutes.

The secret of Aloe Vera for the prevention and treatment of stretch marks comes from the combination of different properties, such as mannose phosphate that stimulates tissue growth, the mucilage with softening benefits to improve the appearance of these cracks, the phytosterols that reduce the trace of striae and possibly even remove and among others the elements mucopolysaccharides.

Although it is visible in the third trimester, when the growth of the belly increases, is prevention very important for the skin to get hydrated on time.

During the last months, hormonal changes on women let the skin dry out, so that it is recommended to use Aloe Vera from the first stage of pregnancy to the recovery of the skin after birth.

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