New packaging to protect the product

New packaging to protect the product

Finca Canarias is a family business that unconditionally strives for the highest quality and takes care of all the production phases in detail. From the selection and traditional extraction of Aloe Vera to the preparation and packaging. That is why Finca Canarias has decided to take another step in the process of the packaging of its two oldest products, face peeling with Aloe Vera and apricot kernels and intensive regenerating face cream.

New packaging, maximum quality

It is important in natural cosmetics to take care of all the details. Having the best packaging is essential to keep the product in perfect condition.

How does the new packaging protect?

  • Prevents loss of properties.
  • Protects the product against oxidation.
  • It keeps the formulation intact until the expiration date.

The face peeling with Aloe Vera and apricot kernels and as well the intensive regenerating face cream are numerous and well known products of the Finca Canarias customers.

Face peeling with pure Aloe Vera juice

Maintaining of all the product characteristics is one of the most important reasons for this packaging change. The formula of the facial scrub with Aloe Vera juice and apricot kernels is specially designed for deep cleansing of the pores and it creates a feeling of unprecedented elasticity and hydration. All of this is reached thanks to the properties of the Aloe Vera juice and the contents of apricot kernels, which provide all the necessary nutrients for the facial skin.

Intensive regenerating face cream

The regenerating face cream has natural ingredients such as caviar, avocado oil, hyaluronic acid, pure Aloe Vera juice and vitamin E. The combination of these ingredients, formulated by our plastic surgeon, regulates the absorption capacity of water and provides vitamins and proteins that enhance hydration .

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