How to identify false Aloe Vera?

How to identify false Aloe Vera?

In the Canary Aloe Vera industry there is a very dangerous and dishonest intrusiveness, which labels pure content of this plant a content that is far from being so. These types of companies normally use Aloe Vera powder, that is, the material obtained from drying the leaf. This juice based on concentrated extract powder does not have any of the properties of Aloe Vera, which are preserved when used naturally or cold- pressed.

 In addition, in many cases the content of these products is not Canary Aloe, and they are using the name of the islands to gain prestige. Canary Aloe Vera adds the properties of volcanic soil to the multiple properties and benefits of Aloe Vera as a millenary plant, which supposes a superior quality in relation to Aloes cultivated in other parts of the world. Pirate companies label their product as a Canary product without being, without using anything or just a minimum amount of juice from the islands to cheat the regulations and filling the rest with water or juice from other crops with less quality. 

As an example, Asian or Mexican Aloe Vera products are usually labeled as Canary, increasing their price despite their lower quality and thus obtaining up to 20 million Euros extra from this deception. Legally, only containing 5% of Aloe Vera produced in the Canary Islands it can be labeled as "contains Canary Aloe Vera ", although the remaining 95% is not from the islands.

 Companies and businesses who work illegally and deceitfully often hide the place of production and the origin, the quantity of juice which it contains, or identify themselves as a pure product when it’s based on concentrated powder. The real Aloe Vera products have as their main ingredient the "Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice", and have a characteristic odor and consistency that others don’t have. It’s as well important to use canary Aloe Vera from organic crops, since plants that have been grown with chemical elements in their growth, include these substances in their juice, and these substances are not recommended for health. 

The fake Aloe Vera products usually have a very low price in relation to the real ones, since they are elaborated in an artificial way, by means of chemistries, extracts and rehydrated powders that scarcely suppose a cost to the company. The natural Ale Vera products tend to have a higher price than these, since it involves the ecological care of the plant, respect for nature by using only 5 leaves a year so that it can be recovered and only leaves of plants over 5 years, which are those that, due to their maturity, gather all the nutrients.

Water as the main ingredient

One of the first signs that warn that the product to be consumed is false is the information (INCI) that indicates in order from most to least the ingredients of the mixture. In real and natural Canary Aloe Vera products, the main ingredient is the "Aloe Barbadensis leaf juice", which is the registered name for the pure juice of this plant. If the first ingredient on the list is this, the product is real, if it is sold as “pure Aloe Vera juice” and the first ingredient is not this, or if the first ingredient is water, it is almost certainly a fraud. These products are made and based on dried leaves of Aloe Vera, so water is the main ingredient to take care of the rehydration of this powder. The properties and benefits which the Aloe Vera contains are inside the gelatinous juice inside its leaves, when dried, a 90% of these properties will-be gone. The only way to enjoy all the properties and benefits is to use it naturally (cut properly in the case of consumption for nutrition) or trough cold-pressing. These products, once opened, have a shelf life of a few months, suffering changes in coloration that although they don’t affect the properties, are an indication that you’re dealing with a natural product. 

Industrial smells

Aloe Vera belongs to the Liliaceae family, according to its Latin name, which also includes garlic or onion. Natural Aloe Vera is similar in taste and smell to other plants in its family, its characteristic taste and sour smell are similar to garlic. It also shares several of its properties, such as being a stabilizer for cholesterol and very useful for regulating the blood sugar level and favor regulating diabetes. The fake products of Aloe Vera in general and fake  Canary Aloe Vera products tend to have exotic tastes and pleasant tastes, which may be an indication that it’s a pirate product. The juices that are categorized as pure don’t remember in taste to this natural botanical family of Aloe and are possibly scam products, which use artificial elements to have a pleasant taste and deceive the consumer. 

The deception of the bright green

The pure juice of the Aloe Vera leaf is colorless, gelatinous and rather whitish, never bright green. Fake products labeled as pure Aloe Vera usually have this color, which the customer identifies easily and erroneously as natural. Pure Aloe Vera products shouldn’t be green, or at least not bright green, since the material used to make them is whitish or transparent. False Aloe Vera products often add green artificial colors to this mixture, to make them more attractive to the consumer. 

The pure 100% fraud

100% pure Aloe Vera does not exist, it needs at least 0.02% preservative, usually vitamin C, vitamin E or potassium salt. This percentage is needed so that the juice can be packaged. All those products that are labeled as 100% pure most possibly are fake; these products based on powders usually have 80% water, in addition to this concentrated extract and to other chemicals and industrial ingredients. The real pure Aloe Vera juices maintain their properties trough cold pressing and cold processing, with the “leaf by leaf cut” which normally is done manually. Therefore, if it does not meet these characteristics, it may be a low cost Aloe Vera fake scam.

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