Aloe Vera for deep hydration

Aloe Vera for deep hydration

Aloe Vera is a great help to treat dry skin, thanks to its natural properties as a deep moisturizer. The secret of the Aloe Vera pulp for skin nutrition is its high content of vitamins, minerals, plant enzymes and amino acids, which provide extra nutrients to the skin, along with its high water content, which is absorbed quickly through the dermis.

The formula of Aloe Vera treats in profundity the deepest layers of the skin, so that hydration is observed from the first applications, This is one of the reasons that it is a centennial plant considered "miraculous", which the Egyptians already used centuries ago as a natural remedy of beauty and youth.

Aloe Vera stands out for its regenerative power, which in the case of dry skins helps strengthen the immune system that defends against external aggressions, accelerates the formation of cells and stimulates the generation of collagen, which serves to attenuate wrinkles, blur grooves and Avoid the appearance of redness and spots.

On a regular basis, Aloe Vera helps to clean the pores and strengthens the superficial layer of the dermis, and so it is a useful treatment to clean and eliminate impurities, which in the medium term prevent the deterioration of the skin. The same happens with dryness, which causes cutaneous complaints and discomforts, which in the long run translate into wrinkles and dermatological problems.

Why moisturizes Aloe Vera?

The fresh pulp of Aloe Vera contains about 200 biologically active molecules, with 7 of the 8 essential amino acids for the organism and 18 of the 22 considered secondary. In addition, the content of its leaves are rich in anthraquinones, with antifungal and antiseptic properties.

All these benefits are kept inside the leaves, unlike the rest of the plant species that expel them to the outside. This is because these properties serve as the plant's own food, which must be kept healthy in extreme temperatures and in desert climates.

The high hydration provided by Aloe Vera is due to its lignin content that encourages the gel to penetrate several layers of the skin. The union of saporins with antiseptic and softening qualities and their high water content are linked to the properties of vitamin A, vitamin B1, B2, B6, B12, as well as minerals and folic acid, among other nutrients.

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