Aloe vera and oral hygiene

Aloe vera and oral hygiene

Aloe vera and oral hygiene go hand in hand, as aloe vera has incredible properties for the health of teeth and gums. Its antibacterial and antifungal agents are two of its most remarkable qualities to combat oral problems, such as tartar, sores and bad breath. Several studies show that aloe vera juice is even more effective than chlorhexidine in preventing dental plaque, gingivitis and other infections.

Why use aloe vera in mouth care?

More and more aloe vera is being used for oral and dental care, for its 100% natural properties can hardly be found in other products that are on the market. 

  • Its healing power cures sores that appear in the mouth as well as on the mouth corners.
  • It prevents infections and bacterial plaque, thus avoiding the appearance of caries. 
  • It is a very suitable pain reliever and anti-inflammatory to protect your gums. 

Aloe vera helps fight… 

  • Dental tartar

Sometimes the toothbrush does not effectively eliminate all bacteria from our mouth. Thanks to its substantial antibacterial properties, aloe vera helps to solve this problem with good effect.

  • Mouth sores

Together with tooth decay, these small inflammations that appear in our mouths are some of the most common oral problems. They are not contagious, but they are a rather annoying problem. 

  • Gums

Thanks to its anti-inflammatory and antibacterial properties, aloe vera is very effective in the treatment of different gum problems.

  •  New teeth in babies

It is common for babies to suffer with pain when their first teeth start coming out. Aloe Vera is perfect to help them in the most natural way. Rubbing pure aloe vera juice on their gums relieves the pain and soothes the inflammation.

How to use aloe for teeth care?

Aloe vera leaves provide amino acids and vitamins that strengthen our immune system and help improve problems we might have in our mouths. 

Experts recommend using it after brushing your teeth. It should be used as mouth wash to help with gum or sores problems. Once per day is enough. 

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