Aloe vera, an incredible remedy for arthritis and reuma

Aloe vera, an incredible remedy for arthritis and reuma

Rheumatoid arthritis is an inflammation of the joints, which prevents a correct mobility and causes pain and discomfort. Currently, there is no specific remedy or treatment for this condition, but there are natural products such as aloe vera that help to reduce its effects.

Although associated with elderly people, rheumatoid arthritis can affect people of all ages. It can cause severe discomfort and even pain while performing certain activities. 

Symptoms and causes 

Rheumatoid arthritis is a complicated medical condition and the use of certain medications may have side effects. 

These are some of the visible symptoms of rheumatoid arthritis:

  • Sensitive, hot and swollen joints.
  • Joint stiffness that gets worse in the morning.
  • Tiredness, fever and even loss of appetite.

There are also some important traits and factors that increase the risk of suffering arthritis.

  • Women are more likely to suffer from arthritis.
  • The first symptoms appear at middle age.
  • Family background (genetic factors).
  • Smoking. Bad habits such as smoking or drinking alcohol are a decisive factor in this type of diseases.
  • Obesity. Health problems such as obesity can worsen arthritis considerably.

Why use aloe vera for rheumatoid problems?

Aloe Vera does not cure the disease, but it is a 100% natural supplement, effective and without the side effects of medications.

Its main quality is its anti-inflammatory power, capable of relieving many of the symptoms and pain caused by rheumatoid arthritis. This helps to improve the day to day of those who suffer from it.

It is also important to stress its analgetic properties, which reduce joint stiffness and improve mobility.

Use of aloe vera for arthritis

Our gels with warm and cold effect are very effective, because they stimulate blood circulation. By reducing inflammation and pain, and thus improving that part of the body, they prevent vascular problems from occurring. Their primary aim is to reduce inflammation, main cause of the pain. The aloe vera also helps to regenerate tissues, as it stimulates the creation of new cells.

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